In Exchange 2010 there used to be a handy preview button which you could press to see who is a member of a dynamic distribution group:



In Exchange 2013 I can’t find a similar feature. On the TechNet site it says you can use EAC, but this didn’t seem to work for me. Let me know if you got this to work:

So it appears the only option is a spot of PowerShell! 🙂

  1. First we need to create a Variable which will store the results of the Get-DynamicDistributionGroup command:
$TDG = Get-DynamicDistributionGroup "Test Dynamic Group"

2. Now we can use the variable together with the Get-Recipient command to return the required results:

Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $TDG.RecipientFilter


If you specify a RecipientContainer in the Dynamic Distribution Group configuration to pick recipients from a specified OU or container in Active Directory, using the above method to return recipients will not be accurate because it returns recipients from the entire domain.

To solve this you can run:

Get-Recipient -RecipientPreviewFilter $TDG.RecipientFilter -OrganizationalUnit $TGG.RecipientContainer
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